About the Author

Meet Braddock Anderson Schofield!

Author in front of Dr Pepper Mural

Business executive, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Trustee and three-time elected public official of the Keller, Texas Independent School District, member of the 10-2-4 Dr Pepper Collectors Club, and Dr Pepper Memorabilia hobbyist for the last 15 years, Brad has delivered in this book a truly unique take on the traditional (and all too often boring) collectors guide. This compilation is intended to stimulate, entertain, and provide useful information, not used just to identify vintage antiques' values but to be a work in which an everyday Dr Pepper lover can enjoy without ever owning soda memorabilia. This book aims to be interactive in nature,  inspiring readers to try new “Pepper” cooking recipes, travel to never considered destinations, and expand their Dr Pepper love and knowledge along the way. So, saddle up and get ready to put on some Dr Pepper mojo.