Our Story

Meet NesBear Studios!

The journey to this endeavor started way back in 1977 upon the introduction of the “Be a Pepper,” “I’m a Pepper” advertising campaign. It is said this was the most electrifying and fad crazed Dr Pepper marketing idea ever to exist in the beverage’s history. The nation was taken by storm through commercials and print ads, which showed everyone how much fun it was to be a pepper.

Yes, it all started with a song and dance routine and grew into a movement of exciting celebration. Ever slowly, a song led to a bottle, then to the collecting of a sign to hang on a wall. One sign begot another, and soon there was a breakfast nook full of soda memorabilia. There are those who say, once the bug bites, there’s no turning back. The love of a soda grew to a larger collection and soon a computer spreadsheet to track all Dr Pepper collectibles. Then one day, it happened. All this love for one simple soda grew into a stupendous idea—the idea to share it with like-minded individuals.

Sharing our love was the purpose of this publishing endeavor, and sharing is what we shall do. We strive to produce content that others will enjoy. Content that cannot be found anywhere else in the marketplace. This is the reason we share our love for a soda with you and yours. Our hope is that you enjoy our offerings as much as we enjoyed providing them to you.


Picture of Golden Retriever in a Circle